Joe: How was the bar last night?

Craig: Pretty sweet. Took a chick home with me. We were up all night too, if ya know what I mean.

Joe: Talking?

Craig: Exactly. She had the most fascinating personality.

Joe: Did she have a nice set?

Craig: They were perfect. I could get lost in those eyes for hours.

Joe: Sounds like everything went smoothly.

Craig: Well, not exactly. She wouldn't give it up.

Joe: Ugh, prudes…

Craig: I mean, is it really that hard to say "I love you?"

Girls HATE commitment.

Craig: I dunno, maybe we just don't click…

Joe: Yeah, sometimes you're better off just being friends. You wouldn't want to ruin what you have.

Craig: Exactly.


Joe: …So did you f*ck her?

Craig: Hard.