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The winner gets 10,000 dollars, a trip to New York City, an exclusive party thrown in your honor and a modeling contract with BustedTees!
So if you're a hot girl, or know a hot girl, or know someone who used to know a hot girl before they got really fat and gross looking sign up here. Or send them this link:

The deadline is tonight at 11:59 PM, so hurry up!

  1. I don't get this. But I love it. Let me set it up for you. It's an Ostrich. And it's skiiing.
  2. Here's a new reason why Boston sucks. They can't tell the difference between a bomb, and a Lite-Brite.
  3. Here's an awesome preview of what Fight Club would be like if it were a little more like Brokeback Mountain.
  4. This video is pretty crazy. Mostly because the guy in it looks exactly like CH writer, Amir Blumenfeld.
  5. The best part about building this enormous Lego battleship was probably all the friends he made along the way.

Pic of the Day
I hope you know what you're doing and didn't accidentally write them a two million dollar check.

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