Hey — it's me.  Look, I've been thinking a lot about what we talked about the other night.  Now that some time has passed, I feel like I can see things more clearly.  You know how after a horrible thunderstorm happens, it is foggy for a bit, and then it's super clear?  That's like what just happened.  In my head.

Sorry.  I know you get annoyed when I talk about thunderstorms.

Anyway, I wanted to revisit our decision that we should never see me again.  I honestly think that we should reconsider.

By the way, I'm sorry for falling asleep during the middle of that conversation.  There were so may speeches, and I was so tired.

Here are some of the reasons I've come up with:

1)  I'm so fun!  I like to cook, and then I like to eat the things that I've cooked; I like to save the things that I don't eat for Sunday night leftovers; I like to try out new recipes, even if they sound scary or spicy; I like to run in the park when it's sunny, and I like to stare out the window when there's a thunderstorm; I like futons; I like to sing along with the radio; I love dancing!  Life is a lot of fun with me in the mix.

2)  I am the best person to take to the movies, because I will always like the movie.

3)  I am not afraid to be sad. br /> Depending on whether or not you are also sad.

4)  I'm a total guy's girl.  You can cuss and say bad words in front of me, and I don't even care about it.  You can guzzle beer, and burp, and throw up the beer in your lap, and move on to straight gin, and start pissing all over the plant in the corner, and punch in the wall, and accidentally kick Yaps across the room, and mention that I order some chicken wings, bitch. Or better yet go pick them up myself because I could use the exercise, and if I don't have enough cash on me then why don't I just pay for it with the David Yurman Petite Albion Pave Necklace you gave me for our six-week anniversary – and I don't even give a shit about it.  Like I said, I am a real easygoing tomboy!

5)  My legs.

6)  My decision to officially dislike Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — even though it is difficult because he is such a hottie!

7)  My agreement not to talk about how hot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is, especially when we are with other people, because you get so jealous.

8)  My extra-long twin bed.

9)  My disposal of the photoshopped framed picture of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and me standing in front of Epcot Center.

10)  I was very understanding, and patient, when your brother was stabbed.

11)  I never get sick.

Sometimes people say things they don't mean.  I think that's what happened last Thursday night, when we both said that we shouldn't see me anymore.  Although, I think I was asleep when we said that.

I love you, babe.  Think about it this way: A thunderstorm is a pretty cool thing to look out the window at, but it's not a cool way to live.  Life needs sunshine.  You are my sunshine.

Please let us see me again.