Adrianne – Hi, PC.

PC – Welcome back, Adrianne!

Adrianne – Ugh…

PC – Is something wrong, Adrianne?

Adrianne – PC, we need to talk.

PC – What about?

Adrianne – You're just…You're not doing it for me, anymore.

PC – What do you mean?

Adrianne – I mean, literally, you're not doing it for me anymore.

PC – In what way?

Adrianne – Everytime I try to open oen of my old movies in Movie Maker, you shut it down!

PC – That's nothing! You don't even use Movie Maker!

Adrianne РAnd I have good reason! You don't have a firewire port, and without that, there's no way I can connect my camera and import my  videos. The USB port doesn't even work!

PC – …What are you saying?

Adrianne – I'm saying, we're parting ways.

Mac – Hey, Adrianne, I was wondering if — Oh. Is this a bad time?

PC – Yeah, it's a bad time!

Adrianne – (sigh) PC, this is —

PC – Oh, we've met before! There's another computer?!

Adrianne – Well, I just went to the Apple store and saw him, and I..

PC – You, you what? You just went all willy nilly and bought him?!

Adrianne – Nilly isn't even in Works' dictionary!

PC – I found it on Internet Explorer!

Adrianne – And that's another thing I'm switching from!

PC – No…Please…Not poor Explorer.

Adrianne – Yes. I'm going to stick with Safari from now on with Mac, and you can forget about Media Player. iTunes is the one for me.

PC – This is too much…

Mail man – Pick up for Blackwhite?

Adrianne – That's me.

PC – You're sending me away, already?!?

Adrianne – Yes, and to my grandfather.

PC – NO! He'll throw his fists down on tme to try to get me to work!

Adrianne – And maybe he'll succeed, unlike I did. Goodbye, PC.

PC – Noooooo!

Mail man – Um…Ma'am, why are you talking to that computer?