Vince at home Facebooking?  Ari and E in a bromance?  Turtle a scholar?  There is only one thing that could make this episode crazier: David Schwimmer actually getting work.

An unexpected delay in the shooting of Vince's next movie gives our guys an extra 12 weeks to hang out.  Vince seems pretty bummed about it, which is kinda how I would feel if I was a millionaire famous celebrity living in a mansion in California.  Vince eagerly tries to enroll the gang to hang out and travel with him, but everyone's way too busy, which again would be my reaction to such a predicament.

Turtle goes back-to-school shopping with Jamie-Lynn.  It reminded me of when I went shopping with my mom, but in Turtle's case I would have gotten a lot more boners.  He's getting the kid-with-divorced-parents-treatment having a sugar-daddy and sugar-mommy living in separate houses.  Jamie-Lynn's paying for an all-new wardrobe, but Vince tosses him some walking around money, too.  It kind of inspired me to quit my job and start smoking weed everyday in hopes that a hot Italian mob daughter will wisk me away.

Aside from late night pillow talk on the phone with Ari, E hasn't been up to much.  He goes into the office but doesn't get any calls, plays on the computer all day, and, oh yeah, breaks in the leather couch with Ashley.  It reminded me of my job except there's a lot more Facebooking and a lot less sex. 

Only Drama can make out with sixty women 25 times each and claim he didn't even raise wood.  He is working hard though, the show is starting to pay off for him and with Turtle's loaner (Jamie) to Drama for a kissing scene, I think good things are coming.  Maybe getting Drama in Eddie Burns's movie?

Ari is in some shit, thanks to spaz Andrew Kline.  Although, I would probably cry too if I lost my girlfriend to David Schwimmer.  After the huge meeting with Schwimmer, Lizzie (the hot junior agent), after making a promise to Ari to make up for the affair, captures Schwimmer's attention by suggesting a different character for him and she scores a meeting at the beach.  Andrew plays the crazy stalker ex-boyfriend and follows them and cock blocks David. 

I'm pretty sure we all knew Andrew would screw everything up after seeing his recent breakdowns and Ari's weakness in dealing with him.  But at least he signed David Schwimmer, right?  I mean that's probably worth all that Ari has had to put up with so far.

Andrew ends up leaving his wife after misinterpreting Ari's advice to get his head out his ass.  Ari's going to feel the pain, too, because he told Mrs. Ari that Andrew definitely wasn't having an affair; and now she was just told by Mrs. Kline that the break-up was Ari's idea.  Oh what tangled webs lies weave.

I'm not quite impressed as to what Lloyd has had to do so far.  I was hoping something more along the line of delivering human shit to Adam Davies, but maybe that's coming up soon. 

The main revelation we found out from last night was that E is shutting down The Murphy Group, mainly because of slow business and E's overall lack of purpose in life.  This insinuates that E has given up making a name for himself and is happy being a true member of Vince's entourage by just hanging out all the time.  I'm sure Vince is a little too happy to see E fail just so he could have a buddy around again.  He didn't expect E to turn down a free trip to Paris to hang out with Ashley, however.  This was perhaps the poorest choice made in the whole episode because Ashley sucks, but hopefully we won't have to put up with her shenanigans much longer.

Ending Credit Song:  "Standing On The Shore" by Empire Of The Sun

Next week we'll look forward Sloan in sexy golf attire, a cameo by Mark Wahlberg, and E getting a new job opportunity.