Jane: Thanks for meeting me here.

Zac: Whoa. How long have you been waiting outside the locker room?

Jane: Never mind that. I know this sounds crazy-you don't even know me! But…I have feelings for you, Zac.

Zac: (sigh) Jane, there's only like 70 people in our class. And you did this in English freshman year.

Jane: You…remember my poem?

Zac: The Avril Lavigne lyrics you put my name in and read to the class?

Jane: Uh huh!

Zac: I remember. So does my girlfriend.

Jane: Oh, her. Zac, you're just the flavor of the week.

Zac: We've been dating since middle school.

Jane: Ugh, but she's cheer captain!

Zac: She fought scoliosis and asthma to get a full ride for gymnastics.

Jane: …and I'm on the bleachers…

Zac: Actually you hang out under the bleachers and smoke cigarettes with your friends.

Jane: I'm the one who understands you! I mean, I've been here all along…why can't you see?

Zac: Is that a Taylor Swift song? Dammit you've been speaking in lyrics…I have to go.

Jane: Not the whole time! It's a nervous habit, I'll stop I swear.

Zac: You promise?

Jane: Promise. So…

Jane: So how 'bout that Principal Vernon. He's a real jerk huh?

Zac: Aaand that's the principal from The Breakfast Club. Goodbye Jane.

Jane: Wait! I've got two tickets to Iron Maiden-

Zac: (from down the hall) No!