Pete Best, Former Drummer, The Beatles

Kicked out of the greatest rock band ever, Pete Best is history's most famous person famous for not being famous. The reasons behind Best's notorious 1962 dismissal as The Beatles' drummer — two years before their historic Ed Sullivan show – have been a point of debate among Beatlemaniacs and members of the Pete Best Fan Club for decades. Some claim he lacked the solid beats needed to support a rock band, while others claim John and Paul vainly wanted a less attractive drummer. Considering his replacement was the dubious-looking Ringo Starr, the second theory actually seems likely.


Eric Stefani, Former Keyboardist, No Doubt

As a musician, Eric Stefani (brother of Gwen) has the other kind of bad timing. His rhythm is fine, but his career moves have always come at the wrong time. Shortly after making Airwalks and trombones cool again with No Doubt's breakout album, Tragic Kingdom, Stefani left to become an animator just as the band was becoming great, then joined The Simpsons just as that show's decline into thorough suckitude was beginning.


David Mustaine, Former Guitarist, Metallica

Getting fired from a Dunkin Donuts for disorderly conduct is already badass. So imagine the Rock God-levels of drunken antics necessary to kicked out of a metal band whose works include the lyrics, "Our brains are on fire with the feeling to kill/And it won't go away until our dreams are fulfilled." According to VH1's Behind the Music on Metalica, Hetfield and Ulrich didn't approve of Mustaine's excessive drinking and constant tormenting of bassist Ron McGovney, including pouring a full can of beer down McGovney's electric guitar and nearly killing him.


Scott Raynor, Former Drummer, Blink-182

Before Blink became the Mark, Tom, and Travis show, the California rock trio was gaining momentum with their 1997 album, "Dude Ranch," featuring Raynor on drums. The exact reason for his expulsion was never made public, though the most popular rumor is that he was fired for drinking. The band's 2000 single, Man Overboard, is allegedly about his release. Raynor was replaced by Travis Barker just in time to record "Enema of the State," making all three members filthy millionaires. Drink up, Scotty. 


Matt Pelissier, Former Drummer, My Chemical Romance

Pelissier was in MCR long enough to help them record their platinum-selling 2004 album, "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge," and then replaced a month after its release. Sources say he was fired for making mistakes on stage and being unwilling to play with a metronome during live performances. Gerard Way, the band's lead singer, refused to comment on the situation, saying he "doesn't like to talk shit." He then proceeded to write a song about killing his ex-girlfriend.


Doug Hopkins, Former Guitarist, Gin Blossoms

The only thing worse than being fired right before your band hits it big is being fired after writing the songs that make your band big. That's exactly what happened to Doug Hopkins, who after penning "Hey Jealousy" and "Found Out About You," was promptly fired for alcoholism. Although Hopkins would commit suicide in 1993, his feud with the band didn't end there; apparently at his memorial service he had a messenger inform the band that he put sugar in their gas tank during their last tour. Take that, jerks.

Written with Brian Murphy.