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My sophomore year in high school, my girlfriend broke up with me for having braces. She had braces too.
-Steven S., Elmhurst College

I had a first date back in high school with this guy who was a friend of a friend. He wanted to hang out at his house, so he picked me up and we started driving there. Halfway there he gets a call from his parents, and starts freaking out. He said his parents were home and wouldn't be cool with him having a girl there. His solution was to drop me off in the woods near his house to wait while he went back and waited until they were gone. I waited for about an hour, in the rain, while cars stopped every 20 minutes to ask if I needed help. I finally saw his car coming and figured his parents had left. Nope…he had come to bring me his PSP to play with because he had to go back and wait another hour for them to leave. I ended up walking home after that and never talked to him again.

I took this girl out, I think it was a Friday night. So I just decided to wear cologne. You know, to get the feeling right. So we started making out and she proceeded to take off my pants and that's when I turned on my TV. I think it was about that time that she just walked away from me.
-Will Allen, Toronto ON

My freshman year of college lost my virginity to my boyfriend of about 4 months. I thought we were "in love." He was an athlete and left early in the morning to go to practice. I stayed to sleep. When I got up, I went to check my Facebook. I opened his laptop to Facebook messages between him and some other girl.
-College girl

I live in an apartment complex, and my kitchen is right next to the door. Last night when I was making dinner, I heard some people yelling in the hallway. I looked through the peephole and could see what looked like an angry mom, saying "I want to see who you're dating; I have a right to know." At first I thought this was funny, someone's mom came to their 20 something year old kid's place, angry that they're dating. She went two doors down, and that's all I could see and hear from there. About 30 seconds later, I heard her yelling again in the parking lot, so I looked out my window. It turns out it wasn't someone's mom, but someone's wife who just realized her husband's cheating on her with a college student.
-Jimmy Breaker, UW-Madison

I stuck a finger in my girlfriend's ass because I thought it would be cool. She got so mad that she was going to break up with me unless we got even. Don't make the same mistake.
-Jack, NIU

I was at Carnegie Mellon for a summer for their pre-college program. Most of the kids there were pretty nerdy and were huge gamers. This one guy I met said he once had a girlfriend who wanted to have sex with him while he was too busy playing world of Warcraft. So instead of doing what any normal guy would do (temporarily give up the game for sex), he asked her to give him a handjob while he continued to play Warcraft. They broke up the next day. I can only imagine what the girl was like.
-Alex, Northwestern University

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This one kid in high school made a girl give him a bj with pop rocks in her mouth.