Chairman: Hear Yee, Hear yee! We will begin the meeting with the man to my right. Please introduce yourself, the name you would like to call your town, and the reasoning behind it.
John Sterling: Good day. My name is John Sterling. My town is in the southwest region of McLean county and I am the elected mayor. I would like to name the town Silverton because of our booming silver mines. Thank you.
Chairman: All in favor?
All: Aye.
Chairman: All opposed.
Chairman: Alright, from this day on, may John Sterling's town be known as Silverton. Next.
Jack Rubin: Hello, my name is Jack Rubin. I am the mayor of a town in the southern tip of Champaign county. Our town is known for our many forests and endless rivers.
Chairman: And what would you like your city to be called, Mr. Rubin?
Jack Rubin: Anallovers.
Chairman: Anallovers?
Jack Rubin: Indeed.
Chairman: May I ask why Anallovers, Mr. Rubin?
Jack Rubin: No reason.
Chairman: No reason?
Jack Rubin: I like how it sounds. Welcome to Anallovers. See?
Chairman: Sir, I believe a different name would be more appropriate…
Unidentified Man: It's not that bad…
Chairman: Sir, I order you to be quiet! You must have my permission
to address the floor!
John Johnson: Chairman, how dare you insult the mayor of Dickvaginaton!
Chairman: Oh my, John Johnson, I am so sorry. May I make it known to John Johnson, the Mayor Tittiesinyoface, that I had no idea that was the mayor of Dickvaginaton.
John Johnson: I say we put Anallovers to a vote! All in favor!
All: Aye!
Chairman: All opposed.
Analdelphia: Nay!
Then so be it, Anallovers passes by a vote 11 to 1!
Analdelphia: Copycats…