1. I know everybody has seen this before. But just watch it again and appreciate how insane it is. The guy is surfing a wave the size of a building.
  2. Just because I like you guys, and you've been so cool. I'm doing this for you. Here's two girls making out in their underwear.
  3. This one is for me. Oh, Elisha Cuthbert, how I love you.
  4. Chuck Norris isn't as tough as you guys think he is. Watch as Bruce Lee AND a kitten beat his un-bearded ass.
  5. This video is one of the scariest things I've ever seen. I can't sleep alone tonight… Elisha?

Awesome Updates
Vince brings us another Profound Debate, this time with Muldoon from Jurassic Park.

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And some people question keg stands!