The Simpsons has taken historical, cultural, and political people and events and turned them into the butts of the longest-running satire in television history. Most of the time they're making fun of something that just happened, but what about all those times when The Simpsons created it first? Does this mean the show can predict the future? See for yourself.

The Simpsons: Springfield gets a casino. For entertainment, a German magic-and-animals act named Gunter and Ernst, a parody of real life Las Vegas act Siegfried and Roy, perform magic tricks and stunts with two tigers. However, the act ends earlier than planned when Gunter and Ernst are mauled by one of the cats, Anastasia.
("$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)"Season 5, Episode 10)
Real Life: In 2003, Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy was attacked during a live performance by Montecore, one of their white tigers. He suffered bites to the neck that caused severe damage to several nerves, rendering him unable to walk for nearly three years.

The Simpsons: To prove that souls don't exist, Bart sells his soul to Millhouse for a hefty five bucks. Bart soon begins to question his actions and panics at the notion of souls actually existing, especially since he was without one. He begins a quest to get it back after discovering that Millhouse traded his soul for Alf pogs.
("Bart Sells His Soul" Season 7, Episode 4)
Real Life: Multiple people have tried selling their souls online. The most memorable have been the failed attempts of a musician from England whose auction was taken down from Ebay in 2008, a Chinese man trying to sell his soul on Taobao Auction Site in 2006, and a New Zealander who put his soul up for bid on TradeMe in July 2008. While none were successful on the sites they were posted on, the last-posted by a man named Walter Scott-was privately purchased by Hell Pizza, a New Zealand pizza chain. A spokesman for the chain said, "The soul belongs in Hell. There is simply no better place for it." It sold for over $3000.

The Simpsons: Lisa joins Mensa and leads a group of intellectuals in the taking over of Springfield. They decide to try to turn the town into a utopia, but instead are met with riots and rebellion. Amongst the group is Stephen Hawking, who says to Homer: "…your idea of a donut-shaped universe intrigues me. I may have to steal it."
("They Saved Lisa's Bain" Season 10, Episode 22)
Real Life: Perhaps Homer was on to something. For almost ten years scientists had been debating whether or not the universe could actually be small and finite like some of their colleagues were saying. Then, in 2008, a study by researchers of Ulm University in Germany came out with conclusive evidence that supported the claim. They said the universe could very well be just 56 billion light years wide, in addition to being tubular and not "forever expanding." Translation? Our universe could, in fact, be shaped like a donut.

The Simpsons: When Homer decides to earn some extra cash as a medical test subject, doctors discover he's had a crayon lodged in his brain since childhood. Once they remove it, Homer's IQ doubles. ("HOMR" Season 12, Episode 9)
Real Life: In August 2007, Margret Wegner, 59, of Germany planned to have surgery to cure her chronic headaches and nosebleeds she'd been suffering from since early childhood. During the procedure, doctors found the problem: a pencil. It had been lodged in her brain after a fall many years ago. It was promptly removed, and Wegner's symptoms were gone.

The Simpsons: It's Election Day, and Homer tries to vote for Obama. Instead, the machine refuses, changing his vote into multiple tallies for McCain.
("Treehouse of Horror XIX" Season 20, Episode 4)
Real Life: While Presidential elections were actually happening, many people complained that the touch-screens were faulty. Said a voter named Virginia Matheney of Kenna, West Virgina, "When I touched the screen for Barak Obama, the check mark moved from his box to the box indicating a vote for John McCain."

Wait…people voted for Obama in West Virginia?