So how's everybody holding up?  After Tuesday's internet ban of Megan Fox, I was worried about a few of you.  Mostly, Megan Fox's publicist and no one else, because no one even noticed.  (Popoholic)

And now, Megan Foxes for everyone!

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on vacation this week, and decided to ignore the most basic rules of sports by playing both tennis and basketball in a bikini and huge heels.  You know, like they do in porns!  How adorable. (Egotastic, Derekhail)

Oh man, this is great.  Some woman named 'Sara' (no relation) is claiming that Dr. Phil inappropriately touched her in 1984 when she was a patient.  So many rich emotionally f*cked up layers!  It's like a hilarious onion. (WWTDD)

The producers of Jessica Simpson's new reality show are not happy this week, after learning that her stylists cost $25,000 per episode.  $25k!?  She should just start paying them in cars.  Ooo, I like this eye shadow.  That's one car for you, do it smoky and I'll make it two.  Two cars. (IDLYITW)

Another set of Vanessa Hudgens' naked phone pictures leaked this week, but hey, at least her technique is improving!  Even Disney can appreciate that.  Right?  *cut to Walt furiously masturbating*  Right. (IDLYITW)

Cindy Crawford and Sting (what?) hung out on a yacht this week, validating once and for all my theory that everyone in Hollywood is friends and they all own boats.  (WWTDD)

However, they were quickly one-upped by supermodels Kate Moss and Karen Mulder, who are friends, on a boat, AND topless.  Sorry, Sting.  Boobs win. (Egotastic)

This week it was announced that Paula Abdul will not be returning to American Idol, leaving a big hole of crazy to be filled.  Luckily, Posh Spice is just the girl for the job. (Celebslam, WWTDD)

Weeks after the leak of her supposed sex tape, Leighton Meester has finally confronted the rumors, saying there was no tape, and that she wasn't 18 in the promotional pictures.  From the tape.  That doesn't exist.  Not the best liar, that Meester. (WWTDD)

Lindsay Lohan popped up this week, if only to remind us that, yes, she does still have breasts, and no, she does not need a bra, MOMGOD, just let me be slutty and and leave me alone! (HT)

Anyone else kind of forget how hot Jessica Alba was since she got pregnant and everything?  Well forget no longer, because she's back in a big way.  Well played, Jessica Alba.  Well played. (Popoholic)

This week, Orlando Bloom turned down a $15mil part in the new Pirates movie so he could spend more time with this girlfriend.  Gaaaaaaaay.  Oh wait, his girlfriend looks like this.  NM.  Ungay.  Or whatever. (Celebslam, HT)

This week's Cleave of the Week is a rare thing, a very rare thing indeed.  You can thank Jennifer Aniston for teaching you the mysterious ways of the under-side boob.  (Derekhail)

Apatow fans like myself will enjoy this one.  This week, Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen finally responded to all the shit talk Katherine Heigl spewed after the release of Knocked Up.  I'm pretty sure they win. (IDLYITW)

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks did a shoot for Esquire magazine this week, and holy shit.  Her boob to waist ratio is just unreal.  She's like a Barbie who got a boob job from God. (HT)

Sharon Stone also did a photoshoot this week, and for some reason hers was topless.  The hand of Photoshop is heavy in this one, so don't worry, you can look at her 51-year-old tits without bleeding from the eyes. (Egotastic)

Last but not least, this week's Still Got It.  This week and all other weeks to come I will be haunted by Lindsay Lohan's complete absence of ass in this picture.  I can't even look at it anymore because my brain cannot accept the reality.  So I guess, congrats? (Celebslam)