Even though this episode of Entourage had some laughs, I don't think any other series has crawled at a slower pace than this season. 

The guys go on a celebrity golf tournament (we don't know what for, possibly to benefit women victims of Johnny Drama) in order to distract the viewers from realizing that nothing is actually happening.  OK, scratch that, one thing is happening, E is offered a job at a big agency.  Other than that, not a lot happened, but let's hit the run-down of what our guys have been up to this week.

Ari had a bad day to say the least.  He wakes up on a couch instead of a bed with a smoking hot wife.  Is it just me or do you think that Ari's mansion should probably have at least 7 guest bedrooms which would mean he wouldn't have to sleep on the couch?  But he buys the Mrs. a Maserati to schmooz things over just because he's Ari.  Anyway, he shows up looking like sh*t and has to play with one of his clients and his two a-hole kids. 

Drama's day wasn't much better, first showing up as Ken in Lloyd's dream where they sell gay Ken and Ken fantasy doll sets.  He opts to buy the Payne Stewart Halloween costume from the pro shop and plays bad enough to still be beaten by Payne himself.  He starts a bet with Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady for a grand a hole and from what I assume, lost every one.  The guys are nice enough about it though, giving Drama the occasional mulligan and even lending him Brady's custom club, which Drama immediately snaps in two.  My free advice to Drama, straighten out that left arm on your backswing.

Turtle is quickly turning into my favorite character on the show.  First he snubs Tom Brady, as a true Giants fan (and any non-retarded football fan) should, then smokes a J on the golf course during a charity event.  I hope the event was benefiting victims of glaucoma.  Turtle decides that he didn't do enough damage by just snubbing Brady, so he goes to catch up with them and just as he starts to tell him off, Turtle gets shot in the dick with Cupid's arrow and arranged a double date with him, Jamie-Lynn, Brady, and Giselle.  It does make sense though that Brady can use the same superpowers that he used to bag Giselle to turn around angry football fans.

I think Vince was in this episode too.  Was he?  Oh wait, I remember, he had like 3 lines?  Stellar performance in my opinion…

E talks shop all day with Murray Barrington who he was told requested to play with him.  Murray asks E to work at his big agency and thinks he could learn a lot.  E begins to consider it until he realizes that Sloan asked Murray to take a look at him.  E uses his amazing Napoleon Complex to flip out and is determined to convince Sloan that he is not Vince's bitch, but in fact that he is Sloan's bitch.  But don't blame the kid, I would walk on all fours and bark like a dog all day for Sloan (of course with occasional breaks for sex).  He ends up turning down the job in his prideful state and returns home to his pre-teen, I mean teen-age, I mean twenty-six year old girlfriend Ashley.  They were playing house the night before and now as they were getting ready for bed, E accidentally calls her Sloan.  Again don't blame E for accidentally calling someone Sloan, I call my FleshLight Sloan and that is completely on purpose. 

These 12 weeks until Vince's movie shoot starts are going to go very slow unless we start to see some action fast.  Next week we'll see Drama and Jamie-Lynn's kissing scene, Turtle going back to school, and we get to see Ari and the Mrs. fighting (I hope Mrs. Ari gets naked when she's angry).

Closing Credit Song: What Means The World To You by Cam'Ron.

Some questions for you guys:

Do you think it's odd that Turtle was at first hating the idea of being known as Jamie-Lynn's boyfriend but now loves that this new relationship is getting him even more connections (Tom Brady and Giselle)?

How do you think Ari will feel about E getting offered a job at a different agency?

Thanks for reading!