You think college if fun? Well, imagine living at home AND going to college at the same time! I'm talking home-cooked meals, your own room, and I don't know… the BEST ROOMMATE EVER who goes by the stage name Mommers. You got it made in the shade, so who cares if you have to sacrifice a hookup every now and then. Who needs that cute girl from English class when you've got leftover Chicken Parm in the frig?!? Oh the endless benefits of Community College.

Now you can see if you're ready by taking our Commumity College quiz. Winners get a sneak peek at the new show "Community," starring Derrick's Donald Glover, the Soup's Joel McHale and JTT's "Man of the House" co-star Chevy Chase. The quiz is like, 10 questions and I'm pretty sure an F is still passing for Community College, so give it a shot! The only thing you have to lose is that English class hookup, and let's be honest, you would've blown that anyway.