Everyone decided to change places in this week's episode of Entourage.  Drama experiences both a high and a low in his career in one day when he starts by acting with a good actress for once, and ends it by choke slamming his boss and faces unemployment.  Turtle goes from being everyone's "bitch" to taking core English and Math courses.  E goes from being unemployed to taking a manager position at Murray Berenson.  And it looks like we'll have to suffer through a little more of Andrew Kline.  Sweet, I hope he has more breakdowns, those are my favorite parts….

We have potential for some sub-plots being formed for our favorite crew, so let's check out what each one got into this week.

Drama is actually being validated as a real actor, being the center of attention and working with a better actress than he deserves.  I think actors don't think well of themselves because whenever you see an actor acting like he's acting, the acting really sucks.  They must not take much pride in their profession.  Anyway, Drama shoves so much tongue down Jamie-Lynn's throat that he actually inflicts pain on teeth, and may force Turtle to get a dental dam permanently sewn to his face.

Turtle has been noticeably uncomfortable with the fact that Drama and Jamie-Lynn are doing a kissing scene together, but that was far from what he should be afraid of.  The slick hollywood exec that is Drama's boss sets his scope on Jamie and forces Drama to dress up like the Unabomber to keep tabs on Jamie during her "meeting", because dressing like that makes you inconspicuous…  Anyway, Drama ends up expecting to see Jamie on her back in his boss's office but ends up busting a meeting and strangling him in the hallway.  Drama went from playing a central character on the show to getting amnesia and falling down an elevator shaft, which is exactly my prediction for how his character will be killed on the show.

Ari sees Mrs. Kline storming through his agency and calling his stable of ho's… ho's.  He confronts Andrew and Lizzie, starting a would-be sweet ass firing scene, but is cut short and he ends up letting them keep their jobs, so long as they don't eye-fuck any co-workers; fair and wise just like Solomon, or Judge Judy.  However, Andrew thinks he is in love with Lizzie, but is talked out of it by Ari and sent home to his family.  I can see this story line going on forever, Andrew and Ari buddying around, Andrew freaks out, Ari forgives, repeat. 

E spends the day chasing after Ashley after the whole, "sorry I called you another chick's name who's insanely hotter than you" thing.  Ashley's out of control, I mean seriously, I wouldn't get mad if my girlfriend called me another guy's name who I knew and was insanely ripped and better looking than me, would I KAREN??  But instead of being cool, Ashley starts going through E's Blackberry deleting messages and avoiding him without explanation, which I think is the first plan of attack for all women in fights.  Ashley finally gets E to crack and gets him to admit that SPOILER ALERT: E still has feelings for Sloan… stop the presses.  For now it doesn't look good for AshlE (get it?) but maybe they'll bounce back and live happily ever after.

Ari and E should have a reality show called "From Suits to Bitches" because that's exactly what has happened. Ari's on his knees begging forgiveness from his wife, which I would too, but Ari shouldn't. E is sneaking around Ashley's window begging for forgiveness through the phone (kind of like kissing through the phone, but not as wet).

E takes the job at Murray Berenson after he got what he really wanted, to meet Steve Nash.  He took a cut in pay but I think E will actually enjoy that because he'll actually get paid for what he does for once.  E brought up that maybe Murray only wants him for his connections, and that may come back in upcoming episodes, so watch for that. 

I do distinctly remember Vince actually doing things in this week's episode, but still not a whole lot.  SPOILER ALERT: he has sex with a hot ass chick.  Sorry for the blockbuster breakthrough.  However, a possible sub plot from this is that the camera they use while they're boning may turn into a celebrity sex tape.  He should have just bought the tape from her then and sold it himself so he can at least get a cut of the money. 

Closing Credit Song:  Reservoir Park by The Dutchess & The Duke

Next week we'll get to see Vince's crib getting broke into, him possibly stalked, E gets used and abused at work, and most importantly BOB SAGET