CIA, Headquarters, Langley Virginia. March, 2004.

CIA Director George Tenet
: Conventional military strategies will not win this war, gentlemen. We have to strike covertly and without mercy.

Agent Prescott: Are you talking CIA assassinations?

Tenet: No. God no.  We failed to kill Castro like what, five thousand times?

Prescott: Good call. So if we're not going to assassinate terrorists, who will?

An overweight man in a muscle shirt and camouflage pants bursts into the room with a bottle of Olde English in one hand and a twelve gauge shotgun in the other.

Man:  Name's Tom Powell. Friends call me Hawk. My crew is here n' ready for action Cap'n. 

Tenet: Who's your crew?

Hawk: We don't technically exist.  We answer to no one.  When everyone else fails, we don't.

Tenet: If you don't answer to anyone how can we hire you?
Hawk: The point is we are bad assss.  We're talkin' about a crew of BAMF's here. 

Tenet: What do you call yourselves?

Hawk: Blackwater, and you know what my motto is?

Tenet: Knowing is half the battle?

Hawk: Kill em all. Let God sort em out.

Tenet: Love it.

Hawk does a commando flip out the window and into his '95 Chevy Tahoe and drives off into the sunset.