Have you ever played the popular game "Never Have I Ever?"

Submit your Never-Have-I-Ever's to
neverhaveiever1@gmail.com and don't be afraid to call out your friends. (Although, if they are good enough, I may just have to change a name or two to protect the "guilty")

Now put those fingers up and let's see how many you have left after you finish reading…

Week 1 Submissions:

Never Have I Ever: Slept with my roommate's girlfriend while he was passed out on the bathroom floor.
-E, Penn State University

Never Have I Ever: Been stranded on the interstate after running out of gas, and taken a poop on the median of I-40 with cars going by.
-B, Elon University

Never Have I Ever: Taught a British student how to play beer pong, then had them beat me 3 times in a row.
-J, Holy Cross

Never Have I Ever:
 Made out with a girl when I still had chewing tobacco in my mouth.
-G, University of Kentucky

Never Have I Ever:
 Had to stop having sex because I injured my partner.
-A, "The" Ohio State University

Do you still have all of your fingers up?