1. When you ask the question, "Who wants to be banker," your friend automatically takes all of the stash and fans through it in front of him.

2. When you pick out pieces, he snatches up the money bag and thrusts it first on the GO space.

3. When he lands on Boardwalk, he slaps down $400 dollars, nearly breaking the board.

4. Landing on Free Parking is one of his life goals.

5. When you turn your head to talk to another player one of your $500s mysteriously disappears.

6. He is the most serious player you have ever seen.

7. He can make the money calculations faster than anybody you know.

8. He's memorized the price of every single utility, railroad, and  vestate.

9. When he buys hotels for all of his properties, he whips out his iPhone and takes a picture of the scene.

10. He wins and the game didn't even last an hour.