Q. What does it mean if a guy doesn't have an interested in?
A. He's gay.

Q. What does it mean if he has an interested in that says he's interested in men and women?
A. He's getting gay. Just give him time.

Q. What does it mean when a girl says she's seeking friendship and doesn't have a relationship status listed?
A. It means she's like a glow-stick – she's fun for one night.

Q. What does it mean if someone lists their religious views as "Love"
A. It means they love stupid cliches and lack independent thought. They also might be a major pussy or a hippie girl.

Q. What does it mean if they have their parents listed in their facebook info?
A. It means you aren't going to see those hot photos of the drunken parties on her photo album :(

Q. What does it mean if they have their siblings listed in their facebook info?
A. It means you are likely to see deprecating comments about remembering them wetting the bed posted as comments to their statuses. If they are brothers you will probably be bound to run into three or four "That's totally gay [insertnamehere]" a week.

Q. What does it mean if they list the Giver as one of their favorite books?
A. It means NEVER try to have an engaging dialogue with this cretin. It's just as bad as seeing "Cosmo Magazine" listed as a favorite source of literature

Q. What about if they put inside jokes or ridiculously asinine comments such as "Omg you totally didn't" and "That's what she didn't say" in their Quotations page of their profile?
A. Well, it means they probably really like The Giver

Q. There's no photo set for their profile pic. What's the deal?
A. Are you sure? Maybe they are just VERY VERY white and stood in front of a blue background.

Q. What if they don't post any information in their profile?
A. You might be dealing with a CIA agent, superhero going incognito, leader of an underground organization, or possibly just an introvert.

Q. What if a bunch of your facebook buddies post more than three statuses a day?
A. It looks you need some new friends.

Q. What if their entire photo albums are filled with pictures from their drunken saturnalias?
A. If their major is political science, you just might get paid some hush-hush cash one day in the future.