Brosef! What’s up? Yo, did you hear about this new show, Scrubs? Dude, it’s so funny. It’s got that dude from Garden State, Zach Braff, only he’s not all depressed and everything in the show. Oh man, and he bones the hottest bitches. He bones Heather Graham, man. Well, almost. Remember when Heather Graham was in Swingers? Yeah she wasn’t as hot back then, but that’s cause her career hadn’t really taken off yet.

 And they have this guy on the show, Dr. Cox. Bro. He is the shit. He just doesn’t take anybody’s crap. He’s so funny. He’s always like, “Hey Barbie” – that’s what he calls the girl doctor – so he’s like, “Hey Barbie, why don’t you get me some coffee?” I mean, he says funnier stuff than that, but it’s so good.

Then, there’s the janitor guy who they just call janitor, which is really funny, because it’s a play on how like people in the lower class don’t have a real identity so they just call them by their job description. Kinda like in Austin Powers 3 when Michael Caine was all, “Do you know how many anonymous henchman I’ve killed over the years? You don’t even have a nametag, you don’t stand a chance.” Bro, Austin Powers. How come Mike Myers stopped doing movies? Oh, yeah, you’re right. Shrek. I mean real movies though.

Oh sick, there’s another Scrubs re-run coming on Comedy Central bro. I’m gonna go get some lube and watch it in my living room. What? No, I didn’t say anything.