We've got 12 weeks to kill until Vince's next movie starts shooting, yet this week's episode kills only 6 hours.  Vince's house gets broken into, Drama has career troubles, and E scores big his first day and makes a mortal enemy at Murray Berensen.  As slow as this episode crawled, it did lay the ground work for some action down the road.

I will say I was excited to see the N for Nudity rating before the episode, but I was definitely disappointed to find out that is was referring to a slip nip shot of a girl sleeping.  Vince took care of the intruder in true actor fashion, however, by hiding in his bedroom.  I'm sure De Niro in the old days would have strangled the guy with his own underwear that was being stolen.  I liked how at first Vince played it cool, "We have an alarm, I'll just learn to turn it on."  I hope he learns how to turn it on better than he learned to drive.

The guys showed off their Queens Boulevard roots by choosing to amass enough firepower to take over France.  I'm pretty sure that hand cannon Vince was holding would rip his arm off if he tried to shoot it, but it was funny nonetheless.

Drama starts his day off bad when he gets a call from Lloyd telling him that all his scenes have been cancelled.  Drama responds by apologizing to his boss as best as he can, by telling him that he'll rip his fucking scalp off.  Drama finally gets some closure over the whole situation by finding out he gets to keep his job, but his boss is going to torture him.  Does this sound familiar to the Ari/Lloyd arrangement to anybody?  Let's just hope that Drama's boss and Ari don't find out about each other and set up a joint gay hazing session, much like my freshman year pledging my fraternity. 

Even though the episode was titled after Drama's story line, I think E is the center of attention.  There was a lot of speculation that E wouldn't last through the end of the episode in this job because of career douchebag actor Scott Caan (Ocean's 11, Boiler Room).  However, it looks like everything will work out, at least for a while.

Ari starts his own Prank War by sending over two dozen pizzas to E with the note, "You're no longer a pizza boy, you're a pizza man."  E responds by sending him a dildo that I assume Ari mysteriously never gets… LLOYD!!  I have a feeling this will be a continuing trend between the two and as they both make more money, the pranks will only get crazier and more homo-erotic. 

Bob Saget stops by E's new job to visit and remind us all that he regrets doing Full House when he could have been doing blow of strippers' asses.  He blows off Scott who has been working on him for over a year, and immediately moves to E, who can sign him as long as he agrees to let him have sex in his boss's office.  Scott was too much of a pussy to ask Murray about it, but he forgot one thing… yes, that agency is a whorehouse, as is any in Hollywood, and if you want to blow your load on someone's couch, all you have to do is ask.

Closing Credit Song:  "Straight Outta Compton" by N.W.A.

Next week we'll see Vince getting his new security system and Drama getting tortured.

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SIDE NOTE: Does anyone know who plays E's secretary Brittany? I need that information for some private research I'm conducting…