Phonecall:  Result:

Cage: Nick Cage's phone. This is Nick Cage.

Cage's Agent: Nick, baby, I got a movie offer for you on my desk.

Cage: I'll do it.

Cage's Agent: Don't you want to see a script or something?

Cage: I haven't read a script since Leaving Las Vegas. Just sign me up.

Cage's Agent: Do you even want to know the title?

Cage: I pay you to do these things for me. Tell them I can film the whole thing next week.

Cage: That was terrible.

Cage's Agent: I know but I'm looking at your next blockbuster right now. In this one you can see into the future.

Cage: Sounds cool. Will my face take up a third of the poster again?

Cage's Agent: I can make it happen.

Cage: I'm in.


Cage: My own mother didn't see that one. What's the point of hiring an agent if you can't find me a hit?

Cage's Agent:Fair, but you know what's in right now? Sequels.

Cage: You sure?
Cage's Agent: Absolutely, you can't miss.  I've already got an offer for a new chapter to that treasure movie.

Cage: Just get me top billing.

Cage's Agent: Naturally

Cage's Agent: Ok that was a flop but I'm really feeling this next project.  Another action film.  And this time you can wear your hair long.

Cage: Damn you really know how to rope me in.
Cage: You need to get me some better work.  I was dusting my Oscar last night and I'm pretty sure he was frowning at me.

Cage's Agent: Ok I promise this next one is going to be a hit. Your character knows the future.

Cage: Didn't I just do that plot?

Cage's Agent:They're offering 20 million.

Cage: You know, I could always use another castle.