You know how they say that smell is the best sense to bring back memories? Here are five wonderful fragrances that are guaranteed to forever remind you of that precious freshman year:

Obvious, yes. But hey man, even if you're totally straight edge there's still no escaping the pungent aroma of pot the first time you live in student accommodation. It's a time of experimentation. If you're not smoking it, chances are your roommate will light up from time to time, not to mention the number of bongs at a freshmen party. Also, the aroma often emanates from the room of that guy down the hall who looks older than everyone else, never goes to class and has a pretty sweet ride.

Of course this will take a little while to really become a mainstay smell, but the beauty of the mold scent is its omnipresence. You'll find it in the sink where your dishes have never been washed, as well as your refrigerator where there are so many expired products you can't really tell what they are anymore. And in your bedroom where you never cleaned that spilled beer from the carpet, not to mention the one set of sheets that get put through the laundry at most about once a month. Yeah after a while everything will become sorta funky.

For a lot of freshmen the dining hall is great but what happens when you sleep past breakfast? And lunch? Sure, in theory you'd like to eat like a king every day, but in reality all you need is some insta-noodles and hot water to survive. Super cheap, easy and with some practice you should be able to safely prepare this delicious meal without leaving your seat/XBox.

A particular type of puke that usually occurs after a long game of beer pong, too many keg stands or when your roommate falls off his teetotal high horse. Plain and simple, beer vomit comes up after drinking on an empty stomach and the more hardcore partygoer often sees its appearance as a good thing; you can throw it up and keep on drinking.

What else are you gonna do, clean? Oust, Glade or any generic air freshener work too, not to mention scented candles and incense. Sure, some dorms don't allow incense burning, but I'm pretty sure they don't allow smoking pot either so do what you can to mask the odors of freshmen year!