Mr. Favre,

I would like to address my concerns with your unfortunate decision making skills in the last year and a half. But before I can go there I must explain to you what you used to mean to a nation of sports fans and more specifically the people of the great state of Wisconsin and other Packer fans around the nation.

I will soon be 23 years old and, growing up in a military Packer family, I moved around every two years and everywhere I went I talked about the Packers and how awesome they were. With how much I loved the Packers and how enthusiastic I was about them I turned at least a dozen kids into life long Brett Favre fans and more importantly Packer fans. I was 10 years old when you took the Packers to their first Super Bowl in 30 years. I still have vivid memories of this. You running off the field, helmet in hand, raised high showing pure joy on the face of a kid who was out playing the game he loved, pure magic and pure excitement. Anyone who has ever played the game of football, no not just football, any sport, admired you because you were able to show your emotions and we could relate, whether it was good or bad we felt like we connected with you and that was one of the things that made you special. We felt like you were just one of us, we thought you were just an ordinary guy who God gave the world's greatest arm. Because of this Packer fans felt like we had a special connection to you.

When DeAnna was diagnosed with breast cancer the community supported your family and gave nothing but love. When your brother-in-law died in the ATV accident again we were there. When hurricane Katrina destroyed the Gulf Coast and your town of Kiln, thousands and safe to say tens of thousands of Wisconsinites rush down to aide the region and help with whatever they could. Yes, most were just doing it for the compassion of others and because of the general good nature of the people of Wisconsin. Part of our connection to Mississippi, however, comes from you. We know your story, we know where you came from and how much your home means to you. The most memorable and heart warming moment was when your father passed away unexpectedly. We knew you and your father had a special connection; that he was your coach for so many years and your relationship with him was strong. Well the next night you had to play that famous Monday night game versus the Oakland Raiders. I remember being in my friend's living room wondering if you were going to play and all the debate that was going on. True to form you came out on that field and had one of the greatest statistical games of your career. You led the Pack to a 41-7 dominating victory, playing to the tune of a 154.9 passer rating which was brought about by a total of four passing touchdowns and accumulating 399 total passing yardage. At the end of the game when you were interviewed while you were walking off the field you told the world with tears in your eyes, "I knew my dad would want me to play and I love him so much and love this game. It's meant a great deal to me my dad and to my family and I didn't expect this type of performance but I know he was watching." If someone was watching that game and hadn't shed a tear, after that interview if they still had not cried it was safe to say they didn't have a pulse.

When you decided to come back to the league and play for the Jets my best friend and I, for weeks, kept going back to the same conversation. Why are you doing this? What are you trying to prove? Why taint the legend? After an endless amount of beers and a few shouting matches, laughs and even a few man tears we came to the conclusion that because you had played with the Packers all of our memorable lives we were confused on whether we were Brett Favre fans or Packer fans. For a long time it was safe to say we were clearly and equally both. We loved you because you were the heart of the Packers, everyone knew that if you were on we would win and if you were off it was going to be a rough game. Unfortunately, the Packers decided to release you and go with our future, Aaron Rodgers, while emotionally this was a very hard decision to agree with, in the end I do believe it was the right one. You still wanted to play the game and we understood that. We just didn't want it to be with anyone else. When the whole Jets situation was occurring I was at Army training and had no access to computers or media, I was oblivious to even the thought of you signing with another organization. Our instructors came in and asked if there were any people from Wisconsin in the room. Myself and a few others raised our hands, they went on to explain that you had signed with the Jets. I was speechless, I thought he was lying and continued to press him to give up the joke. I was crushed. This wasn't like other players who get traded and passed around the league, you were ours, nobody else's, you were and I thought forever would be a Green Bay Packer.

Some of us never forgave you for the Jets. I was not one of them. I forgave you but I certainly didn't forget. Although I was still supporting you and hoping your team did well I still felt that intense feeling one feels when they have been cheated on. I gave you all my support and defended you to Bears fans and sang your praises and then you just go walk down the street and carelessly climb onto another teams bench instead of retiring with honor. And now…

The Vikings, really!? How can you do that to us? The team that 80% of Packers fans hate even more than the Bears? The team that produced Randy Moss, stole Darren Sharper, took the Packers all time leading scorer, Ryan Longwell and has players in serious legal trouble every other year? There have been reports of you saying that you are doing it to stick it to the Packers organization. I haven't heard these from you but I don't doubt it. You must feel like the Packers bailed on you and kicked you to the curb but you have to look past that and see that it was best for the organization. Sticking it to the front office isn't what you're doing. You are destroying the hearts of every true Wisconsinite and Packer fan. The very people who supported you since the beginning, you are basically looking every one of us in the eyes dropping your pants, wiggling your dick and flipping us the bird. You went from being one of the most talented players who had respect from not just Packers or even football fans but all sports fans to being just a plain asshole. I am disappointed in you and ashamed for ever supporting you. To think that a year and a half ago I was sitting in my apartment basement with my elbows on my knees and my face buried in my hands literally sobbing that we had just lost to the Giants in that overtime NFC championship game. I thought then that that was your last game; a legend had just fought his last battle. At that moment I was crushed, but a few days later I was content with that, the fact that you had taken the youngest team in the league that wasn't supposed to finish above .500 but ended up at 13-3 and taken them to an NFC Championship. Looking back that was one hell of a season. But again, it means nothing now. The thought of you disgusts me, my arms get that hot tingly feeling when I hear your name, my chest gets tight and I want to change the conversation.

So Brett Favre I say to you this: You have lost a great fan and I am just one of millions. We miss the kid that wanted to play the game because it was fun and it was what he loved to do, the guy every kid on the playground pretended to be. Now we just wish this old bitter man, a skeleton of his old self, a man who wants to stick it to the very people who made him a legend would just shrivel up and crawl back to those swamps of Mississippi.

Your Former Fan,

Will Hansinger