Today we would like to speak to you about an important, growing issue in the united states.
Drug Abuse.

Young people today are exposed earlier than ever to drugs. Based on a survey by the Centers for Disease Control in 2007, 45% of high school students nationwide drank alcohol and 19.7% smoked pot during a one-month period.

Here are some of the reasons young people have given for taking drugs:

To fit in
To escape or relax
To relieve boredom
To seem grown up
To rebel
To experiment

But of course, this is not the only issue. Drug Abuse has sparked a whole new wave of issues that our country will have to deal with in the future.

I speak, of course, not about drug abuse, but druggie abuse. Although 19.7% of high school students have smoked weed, 62% of high school students nationwide claim to have beaten up a druggie at least once in the past year. That means, that if you look to your left, and look to your right, chances are one of those people have beaten up a druggie. And if neither of them have, that means the person is probably you. The statistics dont lie folks, druggie abuse is serious problem—and it's growing. With the rise of high school drug abuse, druggie abuse has risen too. And to what end? What does the future hold for us? Will we all be cocaine-addicted freaks with an ever more severe addiction to killing other druggies?

Remember, druggies have feelings too. They might not have feelings while intoxicated, but afterwards they are in a great amount of pain.
So put down the bats. Put down the crowbars. Put your foot on the brake of your SUV. And save a druggie today.

Because who knows? Maybe you're contributing to the eventually druggie on druggie apocolypse that was described earlier.

Only you can make a difference.