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I had to spend over an hour getting my girlfriend to stop being mad at me over something I had done in a dream she had.

I met my girlfriend at the very start of freshman year, and we dating all the way through. Over the summer, her parents made her go to Korea, for pretty much the whole summer. Because when she got back it would be around our 1 year anniversary. I spent $250 on Rosetta Stone to learn Korean for her. Spent the summer doing that. I also spent $300 on Phantom of the Opera tickets. She got back, three days later, broke up with me over a text message. Now I'm single, I can speak Korean, and have an extra front row ticket to Phantom of the Opera.
-Justin, NYU

My wife of less than a month just got mad at me b/c my sim in Sims 3 has a girlfriend who is not her. Never mind the fact, her sim has 3 boyfriends and an illegitimate child.

My ex-girlfriend in high school left me for a guy that does melee and wears a kilt.

After prom my girlfriend and my best friend and his date were all driving home in his dad's new car, my girlfriend needed to throw up and we had no paper bag or anything so we pulled over, when she came back in the car she said it just passed but a few minutes after getting back on the road she had to throw up and she couldn't hold it so I held out my hands so she could throw up in it and I had to hold the vomit until we got home.

I dated this girl for like 3 months. One night i call her and i can tell she's obviously at a bar so we get into a fight and i hang up. The next morning i get a phone call from her telling me that she's sorry she got drunk, did cocaine, and woke up in another guys bed. Well obviously I was furious but she cuts me off and tells me she's pregnant. I freaked and drove out to her with 2 pregnancy tests and tell her to take both. She refuses so i got her to pee in a cup and did the tests myself. They came back negative and i just left and have only spoken to her when she called to tell me she cheated on me a week later.
-SK, New York

My girlfriend and I had been sexually active on and off for about a year before we made our relationship official, I was always kind of a jerk to her but I never really did anything to bad, one day we were getting into it in her room. For some reason the central air in her house would not work in her room only. It was the middle of July so I was obviously sweating a little bit. After I finished of her stomach, me being the jerk I am decided to wipe my sweaty face all over her, I guess my brain short circuited because I had forgot that I had sprayed on her literally less than 2 seconds ago and ended up wiping my face in my own ejaculate. She laughed while I died a little on the inside.

This week's, "Nerdiest Submission Ever" award goes to:

I was dating this girl who was heavy into role-playing games. Her game of choice at the time was Mage the Ascension. So I got a little into it, made a character, but didn't have that much fun, so I went back to playing Vampire the Masquerade with my friends. She too tried to join in on this, and it wasn't her cup of tea. There was absolutely no physical chemistry between us, so I was planning to break up with her, but before I could, she called me and said "Matt… This isn't going to work out… You're vampire, I'm mage… it could never work – we're like oil and water, two different creatures of the night." I was dumbfounded. I mean, it was absolutely stupid. If I cared at all, I would have shot a hundred holes in its retarded logic, but, it saved me having to dump her later that week, as I had planned.