Trix Rabbit
Every time he got Trix yogurt or Trix cereal within a foot of his mouth, kids would swoop in and take it away. Imagine how annoying it would be if every time you tried to eat breakfast a gang of 9 year olds stole it away from you. How could you not feel bad for a bunny that, by the looks of it, was being tortured by a bunch of sadistic children? Not only were these kids trying to starve him, they were also verbally abusing him by calling him a "silly rabbit" every day since 1954 when he clearly was just a hungry rabbit.

Wile E. Coyote

I don't care who you are; everyone was annoyed by the road runner's constant beeping. He deserved everything the coyote was trying to hit him with. Instead of actually catching the road runner Wile was always met with some sort of disaster while the pain in the ass ostrich thing got to walk away without a scratch. Just one day I would have liked the road runner to actually fall for one of the ACME trap doors.


Eeyore clearly had a lot of things going on in his life and nobody ever cared to ask what was going on. He needed serious help and I can only imagine he still does. This article is meant to be somewhat comical but I am serious about Eeyore. He really needs some sort of intervention.

Tom (the cat) from Tom and Jerry

Jerry always seemed to start it. That mouse would ruin dates, steal food, and genuinely start trouble for no good reason, and I am supposed to feel bad for Jerry? No way. I refuse to root for the mouse because he is small and cute. He ruined Tom's day way to often to be considered cute in my eyes. 

He was a push over, had buck teeth, had red hair, was left handed, was afraid of ridiculous things like English muffins, wore the same thing every day, couldn't breathing through his nose (except in that one episode where he starts to take medicine that makes everything better, but even that doesn't last), had glasses, was awkward, and didn't have a mom. This poor kid had absolutely nothing going for him. You had to feel bad for him. 
[Eating animal crackers] 
Tommy: That's the fun of it, Chuckie; you never know what you're going to get until you get it. 
Chuckie: It's not fun for me.