1. Is this really that cool? I mean, it's interesting, but I wouldn't want to watch anything on it. I'd rather watch a Plasma Screen.
  2. Here are "The 100 Worst" Porn titles. I'm not going to lie to you though, some of these are pretty good. Air Tight Grandma, for instance.
  3. This is impressive. How can people be so good at something so obscure as folding up pieces of paper? It makes me wonder what kind of hidden talents I possess.
  4. The beginning of this video was on CH the other day. But it deserves to be seen in its entirety. It looks absolutely terrifying.
  5. Watching this made me kind of sad. This woman REALLY likes the Ninja Turtles. Way more than you do. WAY more.

Awesome Updates

Neil Padover talks about someone talking about Scrubs.
Joe makes fun of Tyra Banks.

Pic of the Day
All those champagne poppers are filled with baby powder…