Vicious School Fights

Two Kids walking in a hall way bump into each other. Both of the students refuse to apologize. 

Kid 1: Watch it Bitch.

Kid2: Who you calling a bitch, scum bag.

Kid1: Oh Hell No.  (Pushes Kid2)

Kid2: Don't push me! (Pushes Kid1)

Kid1: (Screams and tackles Kid2 onto the ground)

Both kids continue fighting as a crowd of kids form a circle around them. Two spectators that seem to have records of everyone on the school start to talk.

Spectator1: Get me the stats on these two.

Spectator2: Already Have. (Pulls out a list of facts on both of the students)

Spectator2: Oh says here that "Kid1's Name" has been kicked out of school 3 times due to drug abuse, murder, and rape.

Spectator1: How about that kid. (Points to kid2)

Spectator2: It says here that he has always been the good guy in class. Nothing Else. Oh wait, it also says he bruises easily. 

Specatator1: Bruises easily?

Kid1 jumps on top of Kid2 pounding him in the face taking no mercy.

Kid2: Please, Please Stop! (Gets Punched)

Kid2: Please, I can't fight anymore! (Gets Punched)


The last punch is followed by blood gushing all over the spectators to show that Kid2's head has been decapitated. 

Random Spectator: Ewww I found his eye…

By: Will Qawasmi