If you're going to make an advertisement, make an advertisement. If you're going to make a CH original, make a CH original. If you're going to use product placement, make it peripheral.

We know times are tough. We also know we don't pay for the entertainment you provide, and we have no right to demand anything. This is just us saying, please, respect your audience.

The media-conscious among us don't want to see sketches revolving around a product, or blatantly interrupted by forced dialogue illuminating a sponsor. We would rather watch the ads at the end than ruin the sketches at the beginning. As for overt, "hey-we-got-paid-to-do-this" stuff like contests and whatnot, that's solid. But "…and who do I see but Woody, the free burger guy on Facebook" in the middle of a hardly working? That's insulting.

Anyway, please don't delete this (or me). I'm a long-time fan and you guys rock.

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