A man on the radio confesses, "The only adventure I want to have is one with God".

This is how the conversation plays out in my head if said man meets God.

God: Welcome to my abode! What do you want to do today?

Man: Anything you want, God. Like I said, the only adventure I'd be willing to have is one with you.

God: Well, how about we go to Six Flags?

Man: Six Flags? Uh… what?

God: Six Flags! The theme park! I like the one near San Francisco best.

Man: Is that your idea of adventure?

God: Of course! Nothing says thrill like going up on rollercoasters.

Man: Shouldn't I be doing something more, I dunno, religious? To show you my dedication?

God: Like what?

Man: I don't know. Something along the lines of journeying from Australia to the top of the Himalayas by foot. That'd be a great religious adventure.

God: What? Ridiculous. That's nothing compared to an instantaneous adrenaline rush from riding up a rollercoaster.

Man: That is hardly an adventure when I can explore the world you have created, in honour of you!

God: Think about things your fellow men have created. Six Flags is up there amongst the great.

Man: Seriously?

God: Fine, if you're being such a pussy, then let's go to Disneyland. I know how you used to like those Astro Blasters. Those things are fun.