WACO, TX " University High School shortsop Adrian Bradley is ready to play ball.

The sixteen year-old Bradley is confident in his major league-ready skills, and now, believes that hiring Scott Boras has given him an agent to match.

"I just want to play ball," said Bradley via-telephone, "I know that with [Scott] Boras in my corner, my future in baseball will be secure."

Boras is no stranger to representing clients in high school, however, Bradley's coach says that the youngster's situation is extraordinary.

"I have no fucking clue what he's doing," said Don Getta, coach of University's varsity baseball team. "There is no way Scott Boras has taken him on as a client, I mean, Adrian doesn't even start for this team."

When asked further about Bradley's intent to skip college and immediately enter the draft, Getta shook his head in amazement.

"I cannot even fathom how delusional that kid must be to think he could bypass college and play baseball at a major league level," said Getta. "It was only a month ago that he discovered that he natually hits right instead of left-handed."

Phone calls to the Scott Boras Corporation were returned immediately by Boras, who confirmed that he had never heard of anyone by the named of Adrian Bradley.

"I have absolutely no idea whatsoever," chimed the superagent. "I'm happy to provide information about anyone I have a file on, but I just don't know who you are talking about."

When made aware that Bradley was still in high school, Boras echoed his initial sentiment.

"No, it's very rare to have a high school kid with major league skills and frankly, I'm beginning to think this is a prank."

However, the steadfast Bradley says that he will not allow critisicm to deter his goals.

"Teams are interested in me because I have the entire package. I can hit, run, throw, and I'm great talking to the media and fans. I'm everything that a team needs in a young centerpiece to their infield."

Bradley's claims of interest from major league squads is further called into question because it is unclear whether he has been offerred scholoarships from or even admissions to area colleges.

Maurice Riddick, athletic director for nearby Baylor University, said that he has had contact with Bradley, but no scholarship for the youngster was ever discussed.

"That kid's mother must have varnish for breast milk," Riddick explained. "He used to come around here every so often and ask if any of our fans wanted him to autograph bats or balls. We would all laugh awkwardly and just give him some cotton candy so he would leave us all the hell alone."

When pressed about the possibility of a scholarship, Riddick was unconvinced of Bradley's baseball prowess.

"I'll be shocked as a jellyfish on a powerline if that kid isn't dead or in state prison before his twenty-fifth birthday," Riddick continued. "It's just a sad story that someone could be so detached from reality."

Despite Riddick's assessment, Bradley says that hiring superagent Boras does not mean he will hold out on any team that drafts him.

"I just want to make it clear that my love is baseball first and foremost and that I just want to get out there and play."

When asked about if he has living parents or a place to live Bradley was quick to reply, "I just want to play man that's all"