With only three episodes left in the season, Entourage begins to pick up some real speed (finally)!  Alot of big events happened to all our guys (except Vince) and it looks like the writers are building up to something that nobody can really be sure of.

First of all, I'd like to say, it's about freakin' time that E got rid of the craziest of the crazies, Ashley.  You can only push a guy so far before you start asking for stool samples.  This has proven something that all the viewers have definitely known since we first met her and that awkward gaze into E's eyes that made us all feel extremely uncomfortable.  Now E may have a new love interest, his assistant Brittany, who is extremely hot, and makes me think I should have gone into a career in casting actresses, but too late for broken dreams now.

The biggest story line, I think, has to do with the newly fallen angel Lloyd who has betrayed his former god, Ari.  Lloyd has either paid very close attention to Ari on how to get business done, or Lloyd is just "paying it forward" to the people under him, much like my old fraternity did to its pledges.  I just hope there are less elephant walks. 

Ari and Lloyd's first battle takes place over Johnny Drama, who runs into his old director and is hinted at that he would be perfect for the new Melrose Place.  Drama needs to get out of his contract on Five Towns and pits Ari and Lloyd against each other.  Ari ends up winning over this particular task for Drama, but Lloyd convinces him to play for his team (not what you're thinking). 

I think this will be where Lloyd has an advantage over Ari and it will continue in the future; Lloyd is much more personable to clients and Ari is pretty much despised by his clients outside of business.  Lloyd basically knows everything and everyone that Ari knows, and may exploit that before the season ends.  Or he'll renew his boner for Ari and move back and they'll kiss and make up, take your pick. 

Poor Turtle can't catch a break can he?  Oh wait, his entire life is one entire break.  But anyways, he's happily dating Jamie-Lynn, then some hottie from UCLA starts hounding him, what would you do?  Personally I think that girl is one of the hottest non-mainstream girls on TV, and if you know her name please email me, and if you are her then please call me.  Jamie-Lynn insists that she drop Turtle off and pick him up like she's his mom, but then insists on mad make-out sessions on campus like they're still in high school.  This may all be moot because Jamie gets a job that films in New Zealand, so maybe Turtle should just stick to sorostitutes?  Also, something to think about, did Jamie take that job because she doesn't believe in her and Turtle?  These are the questions that will keep me up at night… that or the image of the sorority girl's orange thong from last week's episode.

We've only got one more episode before the finale, so I'd like to hear any predictions and whoever comes the closest will get your choice of either a signed photo of me or nothing, whichever you think would be more valuable.

Closing Credit Song:  "I Wanna Be Where You Are" by Michael Jackson

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