Bristol, WY –  In what is being described as an unprecedented use of the social networking site Twitter, Marc Reynolds of Bristol, Wyoming has Tweeted information that is, "actually relevant to humanity."

            @MarcReynolds: "After her long battle with cancer, my dear mother has finally passed on. She fought the good fight until the end, spirits always high, but, in the end, she was unable to overcome the tragic illness. She will be greatly missed. Memorial services will be held at the West Bristol Cemetery on Wednesday from 4 until 6 p.m."

            @SurFrDuDe33 said, "wEEd!!!! I've got the munchies like a mofo! @MarcReynolds said his mom died. buZZkiLl, man! Relevant information? This is twitter! Don't get all facebooky on me!1!1111!"

            In the aftermath of this event, Jack Dorsey, chairman of Twitter, has issued this statement:

"We are reviewing this blatant misuse and disregard of the Twitter user policy. Relevant tweets are not something we stride for here at Twitter. @MarcReynolds will be punished for his actions."

            At the time of printing, @MarcReynolds had 2,836,984 followers on his anarchist Tweets.