A great episode and I stand by the fact that the reason it was so good because there was no Mind-reading 5-0, his plot line is so lame.  NYC is going to be destroyed and he is knee deep in human feces fixing his bathroom for his cheating wife.  I wonder if his mind reading will work on the baby and learn if he is the real father or is his old partner.

Nuclear Nurse does it again!  He figured out how to control his powers, and Skanko-phrenic’s bad side learned how to control hers just as Linderman released her.  I should’ve known that Senat-air was Indestructo-Girl’s father.  He is a philandering, phlying, phucker-arounder.  If lil Technulatto wasn’t nappy-haired I would assume that he was on of Nathan’s Kids too.

My personal favorite moment of the episode was when No Rules Just Invisible threw Nuke RN off the building, I thought for sure that he was going to fly, but instead he regenerated.  He was able to heal because he thought about Claire before he crashed.   I am glad I don’t have his power because I would snap my dick off, trying to think about Ali Larter while beating off.  I would freak out and turn into a mirror version of myself.

Until next week same NBC time same NBC channel…Oh hey who are you, There is some black dude I don’t recognize in my apartment…oh, I am sorry I didn’t realize you were Haitian…Let go of my head! 
What the heck am I typing?…Where am I?