Today at 6:30 (eastern, duh) Pat and I will be broadcasting live from the Bloopcave (aka the office after everyone else has gone out). We'll be talking about videogames, CollegeHumor, Lost, and other things you shouldn't bring up on a first date. Just like Bleep Bloop itself we are absolutely not preparing so we'd love for you guys to tweet us questions to answer. Just mention #BleepBloop and we'll get to as many as we can in an hour. We'll also be giving away copies of games from previous Bleep Bloops for particularly thoughtful and interesting questions. Yes you already have a copy of Wii Grey's Anatomy, but couldn't you use a backup?

We'll post a link when we're up and running at our own Bleep Bloop Twitter account (@BleepBloopJeff).