Angry Commentators.

While other people have hobbies or jobs such as painting war figurines, juggling, or bowling; these miserable kids find solace in busting of the hobbies of others… namely CH writers.  These are the same kids who picked fights with strangers in AOL 'Chat Rooms' back in the day.  Remember him?  Yeah, that's the guy.  Well guess what?  He's all grown up now and has turned his interests to blogs and other discussion groups.  During the moments you are giggling about the random graphs and articles circulating on our beloved CH site, these pricks sit in their concrete dorm rooms and dream up the most hateful and disrespectful things to say.  The thing that they don't understand is that no one really cares about how much they thought the article "sucked my balls".  For the most part, no one even reads the comments, they just look for a staff comment or some other commenter that they actually care to check. 

So to you, Angry Commentator, my advice is to eat a popsicle (because everyone loves popsicles) and find a new hobby.  Your words only make everyone else realize that the only reason that you post the things you do, is because you want to get a reaction from people.  If you want a real reaction from people, go outside… I'm sure the paleness of your skin from being inside on your computer all day will surely get you noticed.