1. Taking a dump in the washing machine is the new photo-copying your ass. But I don't get this one, this guy is the maintenance guy at this building, won't he have to clean this up?
  2. Oh man. Here's Greg Brady stoned while he does a scene on The Brady Bunch. Also evident in this clip. Jan got hot.
  3. Two of the whitest comedians around face off on Whose Line is it Anyway? Note: This joke really doesn't make sense unless you watch the video.
  4. This video really doesn't demonstrate the strength of a condom. Okay, so you can fill it with water if it's lying in place on the ground. But what if it's being thrust in and out of someone?
  5. Remember when Christina Aguilera was hot? Here's a reminder.

Awesome Updates

Matt Singer compares step dads and grilled cheese.
Another profound debate from Vince.

Pic of the Day
Who is going to pay for these balloons? Where did the air come from!?