And to think, 517 years ago today Christopher Columbus was about to find America. What countries have you discovered lately? No, South New Jersey doesn't count.

Let's talk!

The big story this week is David Letterman's admission (under the threat of blackmail) that he has slept with members of his staff. Which I guess makes his the most popular staff member. Hit it, Paul Shaffer! (WWTDD)

This week, Michael Lohan announced that he's planning an intervention for his daughter Lindsay sometime in the next few weeks. You know, so she can be on the lookout for a random gathering of family and friends and just NOT GO. (WWTDD)

A few weeks ago, Playmate Jayde Nicole claimed that she was assaulted by Joe Francis in a bar, a charge he aggressively denied. Too bad the security tapes, released this week, back up Jayde's side of the story. Which is shocking, considering how much Joe Francis respects women and everything. (WWTDD)

Kristen Bell and Malin Ackerman hit the red carpet this week, punctuating how truly sad it is that not even their combined hotness can save Couples Retreat. (WWTDD)

I wonder if the guys behind Twitter hoped that one day, some day, 'celebrities' like Aubrey O'Day and Ice T's wife Coco would use it to post half naked pictures of themselves. If so, boy were those aspirations specific. And correct! (Hollywood Tuna, IDLYITW)

KFed is in trouble this week, after inflicting $100k in damages to a home he rented in LA. Among the owners' complaints were 'permanent spit marks on exterior paint.' Permanent spit marks!? Damn. At that point I'd just be impressed. (Celebslam)

This week saw the debut of Lindsay Lohan's clothing line for fashion house Ungaro. Coincidentally, this week also saw the end of Lindsay's career as a fashion designer. Whew! What a week! (Celebslam)

The studio behind 2012 released a 5 minute clip this week, and sheesh. No wonder they're promoting this so hard, the special effects alone must have cost a fortune. The acting? Not so much. (WWTDD)

Kim Kardashian did a hot photoshoot for FHM South Africa this week, which ran right before the article 'Surviving The Electricity Shortage' and right after the quiz 'How Unemployed Are You? (Popoholic)

This week, Esquire named Kate Beckinsale the Sexiest Woman Alive. FINALLY one of these magazines gets it RIGHT. Sorry Olivia Wilde, you're just no match for my girl K-Becks. (Popoholic)

You're probably tired of seeing them by now, but here are Kate Moss' boobs. Although, is there ever such a thing as being tired of boobs? -Socrates (Celebslam)

Remember the VMAs this year when host Russell Brand professed his lust for Katy Perry? Well I guess it worked because they are dating now. So boys, if you want to have sex with a girl, all you have to do is be in a bunch of movies, get hired to host the VMAs, and announce it on national television. Works every (one) time. (IDLYITW)

Cleave of the week! Even though it's fake, you just can't ignore Tila Tequila's perfectly sculpted cleavage. In fact, it's now the Fitth Manmade Wonder Of The World (sorry, Great Pyramid of Giza, you were kinda lame anyway). (Hollywood Tuna)

You know how sometimes you wear a shirt that you don't really know is sheer until someone takes a picture? Well there's no way Rihanna's butt can use that excuse. (Celebslam)

Naomi Campbell hit the catwalk this week, and so did her nips. Oh fashion, you're like an annoying girlfriend who you just can't dump because occasionally you get to see her boobs. (Egotastic)

This week, someone remembered that Community star Gliian Jacobs did a topless film and posted the pictures online. And now I'm showing them to you. Pay it forward, right? Haley Joel Osment would be so proud. Because he's 21 now and likes naked girls. (Egotastic)

And last but not least, this week's Still Got It, which has to go to the one and only Michael Moore. Congrats Michael! You Still Got Chins. (Celebslam)