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So I found out my girlfriend was dating me and this guy at the same time, so I thought the right thing to do was e-mail the guy and let him know. Two days later the guy calls me and I figured he wanted closure or confirmation, instead he told me that if I ever spoke to the girl again that he would come to my house with an aluminum bat and that they would need my dental records to identify me. I guess they deserve each other.
-Brian ASU

I was casually dating a guy at the end of my senior year of college. He was planning on transferring to a school about two and a half hours away from my future grad school. We came to the mature, adult decision to not expect the relationship to go much further, because he did not want to commit to a long-distance relationship. The next morning, his Facebook status has changed to "In a Relationship" with another girl. Their schools are seven hours apart.

My girlfriend stopped in a middle of a make out session to complain about how we didn't make out anymore.

A few months ago I got called by a potential lady friend of mine that wanted to watch zombie movies. Later that night she got mad at me because we actually watched zombie movies.
-Jacob, Eastern Illinois University

Back in the years of AOL and dial up, a buddy of mine asked to use my AOL account. That same day my 8th grade girlfriend broke up with me via email. My buddy read the email and promptly deleted… either to be a dick or because "mark as new" technology didn't exist yet. Either way, I spent the next two to three weeks cluelessly trying to hang out and spend time with this girl. In the mean time word traveled that I stalking/obsessed with my ex (mind you, this was 8th grade) and I didn't get another girlfriend until junior year of high school.

I have spent the last five months working and saving to come and live with my girlfriend who moved to Thailand five months ago. Its been a pretty good long distance relationship for those five months. My flight leaves in 3 days, and she just broke up with me.

My wife is listening to Celine Dion's greatest hits right now. I'm about to go crazy.
-Jay, University of South Carolina

I had been on and off with this guy for a while, but we went to school several hours away from each other. One day I called him to make plans to visit him for a weekend, to which he agreed and started planning. A few seconds after we got off the phone, I received a text message that he accidentally sent to me saying, "What's with all these people we don't want to see trying to come visit us? Seriously." He called me in a panic immediately and asked me not to read it…
-Christine H, Rutgers University

I dated a guy for a year my sophomore year of college. After we lost our virginities to each other, he immediately jumped up, pulled his pants on, and grabbed his cell phone. He then proceeded to ask me if it was okay to text a buddy of his from high school to let him know he had done "it."
-Jessica, Purdue University