Don't have time to catch up on your favorite shows?
Well here's a recap of every episode you've missed.
This week on Law and Order: SVU:

Jogger: I was just jogging in the park, and her body was just laying there behind the bushes.


Eliot: Do you like talking to little girls you sick son of a bitch?!

Olivia: Eliot! That's enough!

Captain Cragen: Eliot, in my office NOW.

Eliot: Screw this.

Captain Cragen: You're suspended till further notice. I want your gun and your badge.

Eliot bangs his locker, stares at himself in the mirror.

Olivia: Listen Eliot I know you and your wife-

Eliot: Stay out of this Olivia. I'm fine with having at least 2 to 3 more seasons of underlying sexual tension with you.

Receptionist: Hey you can't go in there!

Munch: We JUST DID.

Hooker: Hey sugar you lookin for a good time?

Fin: I'm not, but my badge sure is. Put your panties back on, we're goin for a ride.

Bob Saget: How did you know that I raped her?

Olivia: Duh it's always the celebrity guest.