Went and saw "Where the Wild Things Are" this past week with a bunch of my friends. Huge group of us that grew up reading the classic book in our childhood, and hoping to reconnect with that piece of our past via cinematic processes. I suppose we did…but there is a few things in particular that I learned from the movie that I never really got from the book.

1. Running around in an animal costume and causing a ruckus really is much stranger than they let on in the book…like…that kid is a freakin' nut case.

2. There is some freaky deaky sexual undertones in the lives of those wild things…I wonder if the carpet matches the curtains?

3. In a matter of a couple days you can actually build a fort of the same magnitude as the death star…go figure.

4. A 48 page book really CAN be made into a feature length movie…as long as the movie has no valuable dialogue, relies heavily on adult level insight and has James Gandolfini and Forest Whitaker as two of the main voices…man they're voices could make a liger purr!

5. As an adult, PG movies are best watched in theater when accompanied by pregame drinks and a handle of Maker's Mark with Ginger Ale being passed around during the flick.