I was reading Roommate Confessions, and noticed two similar entries. First:

"I love vampires. My roommate knows this. I put up a poster of a vampireon our door. It was like five feet tall. It cost me over twentydollars. My roommate RIPPED IT DOWN. Literally ripped it in half.Needless to say I was pissed. So pissed I almost phased. Anyways. Iwent out and bought two new ones and put them above my bed. Then Iprinted out pictures of her head, life size, then drew blood on themand made her eyes red. I hung them all around the room kind of likebirthday decorations, except of her bloody heads. Then I wrote her anote, in fake blood that said "touch my posters again and you'll bebitten in the night….you big b*tch." I guess it wasn't that sneakybut she definitely got the message that my vampires are seriousbusiness. It might have been a little bit psycho but I creeped the shitout of her. She didn't come back to our room for a week and switchedher room assignment the next semester."

And then this:

"MY lunatic roommate was obsessed with vampires. She would sit in thedark with fake fangs on and listen to The Cure. I got so sick of it Iripped her Vampire poster down, which I caught her making out with morethan once. The next day she put pictures of me sleeping all over theroom, and covered them in ketchup. I didn't go back for a week. Nexttime you pretend you're a vampire try not to cry so much, it doesn'tmake you too intimidating."

I found this quite humorous.