Not suitable for children and the eternally young.

"Saw VI" Used In A Sentence
I Saw VI versions of the same movie.
-Joseph Dominick
Planet of the Apes!
Charlton Heston: APES enslaving HUMANS? Everything in this world is backwards!
Dr. Zaius: So you had ape slaves?
-Patrick Cassels
I got a DUI, but in my defense I had no idea I was driving.
-Aaron Kasar
Mad Rex
Every novel is post-apocalyptic if you're a dinosaur.
-Andrew B.
I always got the highest grades in the class, I was always the teacher's pet, and all my classmates said I was their bro. It was great going to home school.
-Ryan McDermott
Bulimics are just anorexics who still want to contribute to the economy.
-Conor McKeon
Is a sub-par performance in golf a good or bad thing?
-Jeremy Hidey