After working with partners Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright to create a successful British sitcom (Spaced) and two hit feature films

(Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), Nick Frost now appears as '60s DJ Doctor Dave in the upcoming Pirate Radio. He's also a charming, soft-spoken Brit, and I encourage you to read this interview with his voice in your head.

Your character in this film, Dave, could be quite the sexual role model for full-figured men.

I think I'm going to be asked to appear on the cover of "All American Bear".  It's pretty brave of Richard (Curtis, the director) to cast a 20 stone man in a romantic role. It's not everyday you get to just wander around naked and people don't give a sh*t.

Tom Sturridge (the film's lead) said the one scene he'd always remember was being naked with you in a tiny boat bathroom.

If you had to show an alien race how different the human form can be I think Tom would be at one end and I'd be at the other. If you get the Blu-Ray version and pause, you will see a sliver of nut. Two hands couldn't contain my range.

This film is a love letter to 1960s rock. Were you familiar with the era's music?

Growing up, my big love was house music. I was 15 or 16, going to raves and not going to school like naughty boy. In the first week of the film, I said to Richard, "I've never listened to a Rolling Stones record, don't tell anyone." And he immediately told Bill Nighy – he's a massive Stones nut – and Bill told me off for 5 minutes.

This is your first film without Simon and Edgar – how does your process differ with them?

Simon and Edgar are slightly similar in how they work and I think I am a little darker and a little more raw. They also went to school instead of raving, so they can spell better.

There's an amazing promo shot for the new film you and Simon wrote, Paul, making the rounds on the Internet right now.

We thought that was a fake, then someone from Universal sent it to us – they had taken it on the lot. If you look at that picture there's a gap where Paul should be, between Blythe (Danner) and me.

So Paul (the alien) is completely computer generated?

That's the last time Simon and I ever write something with CGI. For any shot that Paul was in, we had to do it with no one, and then with a little fellow in a green suit, then a kid with a mask on, then a man holding a gray ball, then a lighting puppet, and then "Mr. Eyes", which is a stick with two eyes on it, then red lights for our eye line. It was fucking hard work.

Speaking of big productions, you and Simon have been cast as the Thompson twins in Peter Jackson's adaptation of Tintin.

Steven (Spielberg, the producer) said they got the idea when he was doing press for the first Indiana Jones and they said, "It's a bit like Tintin." So he went and researched it and just bought the rights. I like that – when you get so powerful you can just buy the rights to something. We can use it! Sometime!

You mentioned working to establish your own voice, but even within your trio, you've created a variety of very distinct, real characters.

I think it's important to not get bored with us, because I think what we do is, I'm not going to say special, but I don't think there are many British groups of three making weird little genre films.

So you try to keep the dynamic changing from film-to-film, never just be "straight guy/crazy guy."

The relationship you see on screen is our actual relationship. So for people to think, "Oh, I'm bored of these two," that would upset us a little bit. I also think it's important we don't bang films out every year and we take our time. Then, when a Simon, Edgar, and Nick joint comes out, people think, "Oh, this is cool, I haven't seen this."

So is the upcoming film, The World's End, definitely going to be the third movie in the infamous "Cornetto Trilogy?" (The first two being Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, each featuring gore and a different flavor of ice cream.)  

Yep – it's also called the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. We had vanilla for Shaun of the Dead - no, we had strawberry for Shaun of the Dead because of the blood, vanilla in Hot Fuzz – with a blue and white wrapper to mirror the blue and white of our police uniforms. The third one may be mint chocolate chip.

That's a good flavor.