Why waste your financial aid on something you don't have to?  Let's face it, we all know you'd rather spend it on plasmas and porn, and by golly, you should be able to.  That's where these tips come in.  While some of these things may be seen as "cheap" or "frowned upon" by normal society, just remember, you're in college.  You're "struggling" so the rules don't apply to you.

Tip # 2:  Saving At The Movies

Yes.  We all know the obvious answer.  If you're a chick, bring a huge purse and stuff it full of all your favorite snacks.  If you're a guy, take a chick and have her stuff her purse with all those goodies.  But, what about guys going solo or with a bunch of other dudes?  Well, since the ever so fetching satchel hasn't caught on yet, I've devised a plan.

All you need are some hotdogs, buns, foil, and a rubber band.  Cook the hotdogs however you'd like, place them in the buns and wrap them in foil.  Now, take the foil covered dogs, push them against your shin and wrap the rubber band around them.  BAM!  No more paying seven bucks for a hotdog.  Depending on how cheap you are, you can either go from one hotdog around your leg to a freakin' round drum.  Just make sure to wear pants.  And go easy on the condiments.  The last thing you want is ketchup oozing into your shoes.