It's a well-known fact that guys like to name their junk. Balls, shaft, the whole package. Celebrities are no different. Through extensive personal research, I managed to compile this list of celebs and the nicknames that they have for their bits and pieces.

NOTE: In case it's not clear, balls are listed first. Of course.

Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons:
Itchy, Scratchy, Bleeding Gums Murphy

Robert DeNiro, actor:
The Untouchables, Raging Bull

Link, hero of time:
The Triforce

David Stern, commissioner of the NBA:
World B. Free, Chocolate Thunder, Magic Johnson

Barry White, musician:
My First, My Last, My Everything

Tom Hanks, actor:
Toy Story, Toy Story 2, The Green Mile

Lance Armstrong, cyclist:
Lefty, _________, Lance Jr.

Roman Polanski, director:
The Wiggles, Papa Smurf

Mohandas Gandhi, activist:
Rama, Ganesh, Shiva the Destroyer