Ethan: Super Bowl XLI has come and gone, and although the Colts won, it seems to have left people with more questions than answers.  Will Indy repeat?  Will Rex keep his job?  And, most importantly, STILL FEEL LIKE DANCIN', NORBIT?!

Amir: Go Bears indeed. Go and find a new quarterback. Honestly, I'm getting a little angry at people who are blaming Rex. Yes, he had a mediocre game. Yes he decided to play "Three Flies Up" in the fourth quarter. But what about the Bears "amazing defense?" The Colts gained 430 yards on offense! Not even Brian Griese could compete with that. Would you give Rex another season? Or is this it for Gross Man.

Ethan: The Bears' D was already thinned by injuries, and then the offense couldn't keep them off the field.  I think you gotta drop Grossman.  He misplayed snaps all season long, and that wasn't just because of the rain.  He's a walking turnover, and not like the delicious apple kind you buy at Arby's.  Well, those aren't delicious, but the anti-simile works.  I think if they go out and find a relatively competent QB, they can send Rex to the Island of Misfit Toys.  Jeff Garcia's available, and he'll never miss practice because he's getting a haircut.  Is the monkey now off of Peyton's back?  How did he win the MVP over Dom Rhodes?  Were Archie and Eli the only two voters?

Amir:  They weren't going to give Rhodes the MVP and not Addai. It wouldn't be fair, so they chose Peyton. I think it's fine. Peyton was much more valuable than Rhodes was. To argue otherwise would just be idiotic. You're not an idiot are you? I agree with your Rex sentiment. You know what I'd love to see, is my boy Drew Bledsoe at the helm. I'd also love to see Edgerrin James watching the SuperBowl. What could possibly be going through his mind?

The Cardinals are only a player or two away, and he knows it.

Amir: "Whatever man. We practically beat the bears, too!"

Ethan: The Edge isn't upset yet.  When you can afford to sleep on a bed of gold teeth at night due to your huge contract, you're not that depressed.  Wait, Bledsoe?  You want to replace a turnover-prone QB with a turnover-prone completely immobile QB?  That's your plan?  Am I talking to Matt Millen here?  The important question, though, is what did you think of the ads?

Amir: Like the game itself, the ads started out pretty nice (home made doritos commercial, rock paper scissors) then fizzled away into mediocrity. If it were up to me it would be a Peyton only commercial fest. Which, after his MVP PERFORMANCE, I'm pretty sure is what is going to happen next year. Let's change gears here, the Pro-Bowl is almost starting and the Cowboys still don't have a coach. Wouldn't everybody want to coach America's team!? (no, not the AFC squad.)

But the Redshirts can't lose this year!  There's not a real wealth of good candidates.  They're seriously considering Norv Turner, who was downright awful as a head coach.  Why are NFL teams so idiotic as to keep bringing out these retreads?  Denny Green, Norv Turner, and Art Shell aren't suddenly going to become great coaches.  They'll still stink.  Why not take a risk with a guy like Mangini or Payton the way the Jets and Saints did?  Those definitely worked.  Cowboys have the makings of a Super Bowl team, though, so it's a plum job.  In the NBA, still like the Suns even with an injured Nash?

Amir: I have NBA League pass, so i was privileged enough to watch the Leandro Barbosa show, and let me tell you, it was better than the Magic Johnson Hour. This guy is probably the best backup Brazilian in the NBA. They looked fine, though it did take overtime to beat the Blazers.

Ethan:The thing with the Suns is, can they beat good teams? Can they win in the playoffs? They're 0-3 against Utah. They're like the Colts. They can win in the regular season but not in the… playoffs… You know what? I have to go put $100 on the Suns winning the whole thing. Hold on a sec.

Amir:  While you're there, see if you can make a prop bet on Duke going out of the tournament in the second round this year.  They've got 4 ACC losses already! 

Ethan: And that's about all we need to say on college hoops for the week.  Got an interesting fact?

Amir: What do the Kansas City Cheifs, the Detroit Lions, the Oakland Raiders and the Boston Celtics have in common?

They're all hoping to draft Kevin Durant?

Amir:  Yes. And, they all haven't won since the NFL playoffs started. Celtics are the first team to go from Wild Cards to SuperBowl without winning a game since 1998. And the way they're playing I can see them keeping this streak alive until the NFL Draft.

On the plus side, Rajon Rondo's got really big hands.  Well done, Danny Ainge!  You've built a winner in Beantown.

Amir: I'm glad Red Auerbach is dead so he can be rolling over in his grave.

Ethan: That's it for this week.  Um, catch Pro Bowl fever or something!

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