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My ex-girlfriend truly believes 2012 is the end of the world. She bet me 50 dollars that the world would end in 2012. I explained to her if the world is going to end, then there's no way I could pay her. I either win the bet, or we're all dead. With a frustrated look on her face, she doubled the bet to 100 dollars.
-Thomas, UCSD

I go to a Christian College. I met a girl from the local State school and invited her over to watch a movie. I told her to pick the movie so she rented "The strangers" because it was close to Halloween. She got mad when she got to my dorm and realized that we had to watch the movie in our dorm lobby because our dorm rules only allow girls in our rooms from 6-9 P.M. once every 3 weeks. It got worse because I told her rated R movies are banned on campus. About 25 minutes into the movie the dorm manager noticed we were watching an R-rated movie, turned it off, and kicked the girl out. It's safe to say that any chance with her is gone, she hasn't answered any of my calls and I am transferring ASAP.
-Dustin, Lincoln Christian College

When I was in 8th grade, I started getting these weird phone calls and messages from this girl at a rival high school. I thought it was weird, but decided to roll with it because I hadn't exactly been the luckiest stud on the block. She started leaving really graphic messages about what she wanted to do to me, so I decided to call her back. It was at this point she told me it was all an elaborate prank that her and her best friend had come up with after drinking 2 Mike's Hard Lemonade's a piece. Mike's. Hard. Lemonade.

So, I was kissing this girl who asked me to bite her. I hadn't really done anything like this before so I asked where she wanted it and she told me to surprise her. I bit her softly on her forearm. She liked it. Then she bit me back on the forearm, extremely hard, hard enough that I thought she'd broken skin. I pushed her head off and she kind of liked it. She bit me again. I took as much as I could take and then pushed her off again. Finally, she started to bite my neck. Gentlemen, this is a situation in which you try to be a 'man' and just take it right? However, I genuinely thought my neck was bleeding and hit her off again. She then looked at me, kind of growled, and said, "Grrr, I'm a vampire!" Never really talked to her again.
-Joe, YCP

I went on a date with a girl who told me her friend was in cosmetology school. I asked where. She replied, "Ohio State." She thinks a state university has a program to do hair.

About a year ago, my girlfriend and I were having sex for the first time. Well, we were going at it for a bit when the movie we were watching ended (American Gangster). So in the middle of us having sex for the first time, an HBO documentary about Darfur came on, with real footage and all. The remote was lost in the shuffle, and there was no non-awkward way to change the channel.

I was in a serious relationship for a few years in high school. We weren't quite compatible so we would get into a lot of fights… Most of them ending with him crying and me trying to hold back my smiles…I kinda liked it…I'm almost absolutely positive I'm a Bitch. But to this day I still can't stop smiling when I think about it… yeah I'm 1000% sure.

When I was in high school I dated this guy for over a year. I tried to break up with him for the last two months of our relationship and when I finally managed to get the point across he went nuts. He tried to prove how devoted he was to me by telling me he tried to catch me a bunny with a carrot in his back yard because I like bunnies and he assumed I would take him back if he presented me with a little rabbit.
-Kat, Virginia Tech

While I was attending a community college in Texas about four years ago, one of my friends, Sam, started dating a girl named Robbie. Robbie was a freshman and none of us had met or knew anything about her until they started dating. She was pretty cool and had a lot of witty sarcastic comments about almost every topic, so she fit in well with our group of friends. They dated for over a year, and Sam had even mentioned marriage to us once or twice. They weren't sexually involved because Robbie, being a good little Catholic girl, wanted to wait until she was married, and Sam was content to play the role of the long suffering boyfriend. All was right with world. Until that fateful night in the early fall of 2006, Robbie called Sam hysterically crying for some reason. This was out of character for the sarcastic girl with an awesome sense of irony whom we had all come to know and love. Naturally, Sam left IHOP where he was hanging out with us to go see what was wrong with her. When he got there, she told him that she loved him very much, but had something to tell him. He asked her what it was, and she hesitated telling him that it was really bad, something that might ruin their relationship. Sam was getting agitated, so he told her to just tell him so that they could work through whatever it was. Robbie finally told him what was bothering her. She told him that she was really a guy, and that she had been in the process of becoming a girl when they had first met. Sam didn't believe her. Who would believe something like that? Finally, Robbie had to prove it to him. Robbie told him that it shouldn't matter because they loved each other. I didn't see Sam very much after that, but I saw Robbie occasionally until I moved away. She's very open about everything concerning her transition, but she never talked to any of us about what happened with Sam. I would never have believed it if I wasn't there.
-Josh from Tulsa