With the holidays approaching, what do you get the Always Sunny fan who has everything? Here are a few ideas inspired by some of our favorite episodes. Mom, I hope you're reading.

1) Greenman Suit
Inspired by: America's Next Top Paddy's Billboard Model Contest (also, The Gang Gets Invincible)
The ultimate gift for an Always Sunny Fan. Be prepared to see more of your friend's crotch than you ever hoped to see.

2) Fight Club
Inspired by: Hundred Dollar Baby
The movie that inspired the episode that inspired this gift idea. Phewf.

3) Poker Chip Set
Inspired by
: Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody
Give your friend the tools he needs to set up his own Vietnamese gambling ring in the basement. Just make sure those tools don't include guns.

4) Lifesize Cutouts of Sinbad and Rob Thomas
Inspired by
: Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life
Your friend will probably hate you for this a few months down the road, but for now, you are the king of giving presents.

5) Magnet
Inspired by
: The Waitress Is Getting Married
Magnets, the ultimate hobby. For bonus points, boil a steak in honey and milk.

Inspired by
: Paddy's Pub: Home of the Original Kitten Mittens
If for some reason you don't feel like making your own kitten mittens, the official dick towel will do.

7) Wine Cans
Inspired by
: The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention
For a little DIY project, syphon the beer out of a 6-pack and refill the cans with wine. The cheaper the wine, the better.

8) Spray Paint and Paper Bags
Inspired b
y: Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person
If your friend can produce anything half as good as 'Dayman', this gift was absolutely worth it.

9) Toy Horse Set
Inspired by
: The Gang Gets Whacked (Part 1)
Give your friend his or her very own, very tiny Peter Nincompoop.

10) Football Tickets
Inspired by
: The Gang Gets Invincible
A much better plan than trying to sneak in.